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Here you can learn how to create beautiful sugar flowers, as well as advanced petal dusting techniques and the art of sugar flower arranging.  Join us in our community of sugar flower creators from around the world. Learn new skills, and create beautiful works of art! 

We’ve taught hundreds of people from all over the world to create beautiful sugar flowers and we’re here to help you too! Whether you’re a complete beginner, an intermediate or a more experienced sugar flower maker, we have something for you. Check out all that we have to offer in the Sugar Flower Artistry Hub >>.

Create Beautiful Sugar Flowers

Learn Advanced Petal Dusting Techniques

Discover the Art of Sugar Flower Arranging

 Ways to learn with us…

The Free Workshop

A FREE step by step video workshop on how to use petal dusts to colour a Lovelace Sugar Rose.

 In this Workshop, you'll learn how to transform your sugar roses using petal dusts; creating artistic sugar roses that will really stand out.

This Workshop is a Must Attend if...

-You’re excited to learn more about using petal dusts 

-You want to make more sugar flower cakes

-You’re ready to raise the level of artistry in your sugar roses, so that you can attract luxury wedding cake clients and raise your prices. 

The Blog

 We publish posts over on Sugar Ruffles Blog, sharing inspiration, tips and advice about sugar flower making and free sugar flower tutorials.  Along with interviews with amazing sugar flower artists from around the world. 

The FREE Tutorial

A FREE step by step video tutorial on how to use petal and lustre dusts to create a iridescent effect on sugar anthurium flowers.

This Tutorial is a Must See if...

-You’re excited to learn more about using petal and lustre dusts

-You want to make something really fun and unique!

The Course

Sugar Rose Artistry- A masterclass in creating and colouring sugar roses & the art of pricing sugar flowers.

Here you’ll learn all the foundations of sugar rose making. Even if you are a beginner, we will break everything down, step by step, so that you'll feel confident about making sugar roses and you will have everything you need in place to really master sugar roses. (The number one most requested flower by brides!) 
You'll take on 6 petal dusting projects so that you can master colouring and dusting techniques and create you own unique style. Then you'll learn the Art of Pricing Sugar Flowers, so that you'll feel confident in charging for your work.

What our students are saying

“This is super exciting. I’ve been loving my sugar flower journey so far. Thank you @sugarruffles so appreciative of your amazing lessons 🤗 #bestteacher can’t wait for more”

Sugar Rose Artistry Student

“This is everything I have been waiting for, the whole start to finish, all the classes I have signed up for are making a flower. I struggle with arranging and dusting flowers, so super excited to start this journey with you and get back my love of making sugar flowers. Thank you”

Sugar Flower Artistry Member

“Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the workshop. Although I am an experienced flower maker and decorator, I did indeed learn new techniques and tips. I will look forward to taking part in the future video sessions.” 

Lovelace Rose Workshop Student

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Charlotte Tyson, owner and wedding cake designer at Sugar Ruffles and a huge Disney fan! I am honoured to have been named as one of the top UK wedding cake designers 5 years a row! My work has been featured in cake decorating publications world-wide and I worked as a contributor to Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft Magazine for several years.

My mission is to give you all the resources, and inspiration that you need to develop the artistry in your sugar flowers. So whether you’re a complete beginner, an intermediate or a more experienced sugar flower maker you’ll know the next steps to take on your journey to Sugar Flower Artistry.