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Module 1- Sugar Rose Foundations

Here you’ll learn all the foundations of sugar rose making including how to make two different sizes of roses, calyx and leaves. Even if you are a beginner at sugar roses, this module will break everything down, step by step so that you feel confident about making sugar roses and you will have everything you need in place to master sugar roses.

Highlights -learn how to:
-create and assemble medium headed sugar rose
-create a large headed avalanche sugar rose.
-create, shape and attach a calyx to your sugar rose
-make and assemble sugar rose leaves.

Module 2- Dusting Foundations

Now that you’ve learned the foundations of sugar flower making, its time to learn the foundations skills and techniques of petal dusting. Here we’ll cover everything from which brushes to use, techniques for creating different effect and guidance for where to place your petal dust. Even if you have never used petal dust before, you’ll now have the chance to practice and consolidate the skills you have just learnt by completing our first colouring project- an ivory sugar rose.  

Highlights - learn:
-the foundation techniques of using petal dusts and how to use brushes to create different effects.
-how to colour an ivory sugar rose using petal dusts
-how to colour your calyx using petal dusts and how to create a stem for your rose
-how to colour your sugar leaves using petal dusts, finish them with a glaze and assemble in a spray.

Module 3- Colouring and dusting projects

You now have all the foundations in place and will now continue to practice and develop your artistry through 5 more sugar rose colouring projects. In each project you will learn how to colour your flower paste and use petal dusts. So that by the end of module 3 you will have mastered colouring and dusting techniques and created you own unique style.

Here is a look at our 5 sugar rose colouring and dusting projects....

Module 4- The Art of pricing sugar flowers

And then finally, once you have practiced, consolidated and raised the level of artistry in your sugar roses. You will now work through a step by step system to work out a price for each and every sugar flowers you make. We will cover everything from calculating overheads, working out your hourly wage to adding a profit margin and calculating a retail price for each of your sugar flowers. So that you’ll feel confident in charging the appropriate amount for your work.

Highlights- learn how to:
-calculate your overheads, hourly wage and rate
-record how long it takes you to make your sugar flowers
-calculate and record your total materials cost
-calculate your total cost price and add a profit margin