Other creative online courses that I love...

The Passive Income Planner Girl Course

This course will help you turn your zone of genius into a planner! If you have dreams of making passive income with your own planner shop business, then this is the course for you.

The Magic is you- Group Coaching

Embrace the inner work of becoming who you really are, trusting your intuition, and going all in on your zone of genius. Follow your desires and expand! Aren’t you so ready to just BE who you really are and let that be ENOUGH? The Magic is YOU!

The Canva Template Kit

Are you ready to make money, save time, and build an Etsy shop that you’re proud of? The Canva Template Kit is designed specifically for people who want to start and build a business selling planners on Etsy…without the huge graphic design learning curve!

Mastering Manual Mode

Tired of your fancy camera collecting dust? Mastering Manual Mode is a step-by-step guide to learning to use your camera in manual mode.

Editing Essentials 

If you are finally ready to learn to edit your photos this is the course is for you. Learn to edit in photoshop with confidence. You'll learn exactly what to do with step by step guidance followed by two assignments. 

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